Young, Armed & Dangerous

This is the original short film by Rishi Opel, made in the summer of 2002 and shot on DVCam and Super8. Many of the story arcs and characters present in The Grind were originally fleshed out here. This is a great platform to introduce the short film from Rishi, and his seed of ideas that would later form the back bone to The Grind.


Young, Armed and Dangerous tells the story of a young man, Bobby, whose debts have spiralled out of control. He owes money to Dave, the local loan shark and is in a desperate fix. Bobby feels the only way to pay back the money to Dave as quickly as possible is to commit a robbery at his workplace. Bobby knows he can’t do the heist on his own, so he convinces his friends to help him. Vince organises the guns and arranges the getaway van while Phil and Jimmy will keep a lookout on the supermarket shop floor. When the heist goes horribly wrong and Vince demands his share of the money, Bobby is forced to take matters into his own hands. Loyalties are tested and friendships are pushed to their limits. 


Here are a selection of stills from the short film and some behind-the-scenes photos. Click on any of the thumbnails for a larger image, and you can also scroll through, much like a slideshow.




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